1. Superior control. More effective than sprays, foggers and powders.

2. Long term effectiveness. One application lasts for months or until bait is completely consumed.

3. Costs less than conventional treatments because one application is effective for so long that fewer applications are required.

4. Bait placements are inspectable and measurable so you know exactly what work was performed by your pest control company.

5. Baits can be removed or placed in inaccessible areas so prospective residents will not see bait placements during a walk-through.

6. More convenient for your residents because kitchen cabinets do not have to be emptied and residents do not have to leave during treatments.

7. Less frequent visits by your pest control service provider means you spend less time making sure they have access to each apartment.

8. Reduced chemical exposure. Less pesticide is applied to the environment when compared to conventional treatments.

9. Baits release no offensive odors into the residences and are practically non-toxic to people and pets. Bait stations are child resistant and the Gel bait can be applied in areas not accessible to children and pets.

10. Baits will improve your Bottom Line. Superior roach control means higher rents and more referrals.

Here’s How It Works…

Foraging roaches consume lethal doses of bait, then return to their nest. Before they die (within 24-72 hours), they poison many other roaches who also receive a lethal dose – even in other units. Tests have shown that after consuming the bait, one cockroach can cause the death of up to 44 other roaches! This is the Domino Effect!

Bait Placement Guide


  • Refrigerator – Between refrigerator and nearby item, such as the dishwasher.
  • Sink – Alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall.
  • Drawers – Alongside the interior of the drawer frame.
  • Cupboards – Flush mounted against an upper corner.
  • Kitchen Appliances – Behind microwave, toaster, coffee maker, etc.


  • Toilet – Mounted on upper rear corner of tank.
  • Shower – Applied behind pipe collar.
  • Medicine Cabinet – Inside interior vents.
  • Sink – Flush mounted against an upper corner and/or alongside pipe collar where drainpipe enters the wall.